Working at

GP Groot

I got my C driver's license via PDZ. During the training I was a co-driver and got to know the driver's profession, gained route knowledge and got to know GP Groot. I now have a permanent contract!

Ammar, chauffeur 

About GP Groot

  • Type of business
    garbage processing
  • Number of employees
    1000 employees
  • Location

Why work at GP Groot

  • Flexibility
    Decide your own work times
  • Working on your future
    Possibility of a permanent contract
  • Getting everything out of yourself
    Training opportunities so you can grow

Did you know..

Start your driver training next week!

Is it your dream to become a truck driver? Then we have the perfect job for you: co-driver with a progression to driver training.

After our first meeting you can be a full-fledged truck driver within 4 months through our own driving school. You start directly with our online theory lessons in combination with a driving test. This way we can see how many practical hours you will need. 

Once you have passed your C driving test, you will be immediately assigned as a driver at GP Groot. You will then have your own co-driver, and together you will ensure a clean Netherlands.

Your route as a C-driver

  1. Subscribe to this website
  2. Personal acquaintance
  3. Start the theory lessons immediately
  4. You can already start working flexibly as a co-driver at GP Groot
  5. A driving test will determine how many practical lessons you need
  6. Exam
  7. Congratulations, start working at GP Groot right away! 


PDZ continually has vacancies at GP Groot. You will find the current vacancies below. Don't see a suitable vacancy right now? Make use of our open registration and plan your first meeting with the employees at PDZ Uitzendbureau.

About GP Groot

In the North-West of the Netherlands almost everyone recognises GP Groot. This is not surprising, as they collect waste from residents, businesses and institutions on a daily basis using more than 200 vehicles. GP Groot not only takes care of collection, but also of sorting and recycling waste.

Four business units, one goal
In addition to collection and recycling, GP Groot also has the business units fuels & oil trading and infra & engineering. The activities within the GP Groot group seem to be very diverse, but they all work together towards the same goal: a circular, energy-neutral and climate-proof future. They are primarily active in the northwest of the Netherlands. This makes them a true regional service provider. From private individuals to businesses, from SMEs to industry: no one is too big or too small for GP Groot.

GP Groot is proud of their people and want their people to be proud of GP Groot. The health and safety of their employees is their number one priority. In addition, they believe it is very important to truly support customers in their efforts to be more sustainable.