FAQ - Perspectiefverklaring

Want to know what a perspective statement is and how to apply for it? You can read it here!

What conditions do I need to meet to apply for a perspective statement?

You can apply for a perspective statement if you work for PDZ Uitzendbureau for at least 52 weeks and do not have an interruption of more than 4 weeks. If you have been working for us for a shorter period, we can draw up an employer's statement for you.

How do I apply for a perspective statement?

You can apply for a Perspective Statement through your PDZ intercedent.

As a temporary worker, can I get a mortgage?

Sure! As a temporary worker, you can apply for a mortgage. A perspective statement helps with that.

When do I apply for a perspective statement?

You apply for a perspective statement when you have concrete plans to buy a house and receive a request from the mortgage provider to provide a perspective statement. The perspective statement is valid for 6 months. An employer's statement is often sufficient for renting a house or refinancing a mortgage.

What happens after I submit my application?

Your personal information will be checked. Think of your CV, diplomas, certificates and work history. Then the recruiter will have an interview with you and your employability, motivation and flexibility in the near future will be discussed. A labor market value scan will also be requested. Is everything in order? Then you will receive a prospectus statement. 

So what is a perspective statement?

A perspective statement looks at your possibilities for work and income in the future. It looks at your education, work experience, the position(s) you hold or can hold and your personal competencies, such as knowledge, skills, motivation and personal qualities. It also looks at the situation on the labor market.