FAQ - About PDZ

Would you like to know what characterizes PDZ, our social involvement and what we do for sustainable employability? You can read it here.

Is PDZ socially engaged?

PDZ employment agency believes that getting better at each other starts in society and in the neighbourhood. For this reason we are closely involved in social themes such as diversity, language skills and sustainable employability, to which we contribute with various initiatives.

Can I always work with one PDZ establishment?

At PDZ you have one point of contact for all possible questions. Even if you are looking for employees for several locations, we will work with one permanent contact. That makes things easier.

What does ABU membership mean to me as a client?

PDZ employment agency is a member of the ABU. ABU members meet high quality standards in terms of employment conditions, payment of social security contributions, safety in the workplace and rules of conduct. ABU members are therefore guaranteed quality, security and financial reliability.

What does PDZ do about sustainable employability?

PDZ Uitzendbureau pays a lot of attention to sustainable employability Lees hier meer.

What characterizes PDZ as an employment agency?

PDZ employment agency has traditionally had strong ties with the region. We know our clients and the area in which they work. PDZ employment agency operates in the industrial, logistics, care and administrative sectors. We have a flexible and proactive approach in which your processes are central. Personal contact is the key word here. Because we are convinced that room for growth and development is valuable to both employee and employer, we pay a lot of attention to training, courses and sustainable employability of our temporary workers. We are also strong in strategic personnel planning and have a lot of experience with in-house services.