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Policy statement

“Getting better from each other”, that's what PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V. for state. Whether this is in the relationship with its clients, the collaboration with its flex workers or for the development of its own staff, PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V. intends to work together in order to reinforce each other.

From the mission statement of PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V. expresses the responsibility that PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V. feels for society. As a labor mediator, PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V. an important link in labor mobility within several regions. PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V. believes in the power of local presence and because of this local presence it plays an important role in social and regional themes, especially those aimed at the labor market.

Safety, Health, Welfare and Environment
The management of PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V. is aware of its responsibility with regard to the care for Safety, Health, Welfare and the Environment (VGWM). Providing equal services at all locations is of great importance to the management.

Creating and maintaining safe and environmentally sound working conditions are integrated objectives in our organization and an integral part of the general company policy. The HSE policy of PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V. aims to prevent personal injury, material damage, fires, damage and exposure to hazardous substances, as well as to limit negative effects on the environment as much as possible. In the event of (partial) incapacity for work after an accident or industrial illness, suitable work is sought within the organization in consultation with experts.

To the best of our ability, we will operate in our organization in such a way that the HSE is guaranteed with regard to our employees, temporary employees, temporary workers, secondment workers, clients, visitors and third parties and that they are not exposed to unacceptable risks, discrimination, intimidation and violence. .

The priority in our business operations is that the government rules and regulations of VCU are strictly observed and that continuous improvement is pursued in the field of HSE. Vacancy specifications are carefully inventoried and clear agreements are made with those involved to guarantee a safe working environment and to respect the safety rules.

Everyone within the company is informed and kept informed about the rules and agreements with regard to HSEW. This is the individual and collective responsibility of all employees. To achieve this, the employer will make resources available and give instructions, information and guidelines.

Processing of personal data
The management is aware of its responsibility in the storage and processing of (special) personal data. The processing of data is always in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The data is secured in an appropriate manner. The management is aware of the rules regarding the Personal Data Protection Act. Periodic measurement moments are present in the quality system to check whether these rules are correctly observed.

The policy is translated into measurable objectives according to a fixed frequency during the quality system assessment. The management of PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V. will keep itself informed of the experience gained through regular and structured consultation and will adjust its policy on the basis of the experience gained at least once every three years if this proves to be applicable. This is recorded in the report Assessment management system.

The management is responsible for the implementation, publication, assessment and maintenance of the quality policy.

mr. T.A. de Regt
General manager

PDZ Uitzendbureau B.V.
February 1, 2022