FAQ - Salaris

Do you want to know when your salary is paid and what the terms on your paycheck mean? You can read it here!

When can I expect my paycheck?

Your paycheck is visible on the same day that your salary is paid. You can see it online in "My PDZ" under the heading "paycheck".

When will my salary be paid?

You can choose whether your salary is paid every week or every four weeks. If you declare your hours yourself, it is important that your hours are entered on every Monday at the latest, so that we can make sure you receive your salary on time. When your client submits your hours to us we will process them and pay them weekly or four weekly, depending on which you have chosen. If your hours are incorrect, please inform your manager. They will then pass on a correction to us.

What do the terms on my paycheck mean?

In this document, we are happy to explain what the terms on your paycheck mean.

What is payroll tax credit?

Payroll tax credit is a discount that ensures that you do not have to pay taxes on a certain portion of your salary. In other words: more money for you at the end of the month! You may only apply the loonheffingskorting to one employer. So, do you work part-time through PDZ Uitzendbureau, but also for another company? Then you will only receive the wage tax deduction from one of the two.

What is vacation pay?

Every hour you work, you automatically accrue 8.33 percent of your gross salary in vacation pay. Your vacation pay is paid out in the first week of June or four weeks after you leave your job.