Diversity & Inclusion

PDZ Uitzendbureau believes it is important that we live in a society in which we value and utilize everyone's unique talents.

Diversity works

PDZ Uitzendbureau believes that the more inclusive we are, the better we can realize our ambition to be a leading intermediary that is at the center of the (labour) market in which we operate. Diversity and inclusion are therefore important themes within our organization. With various initiatives we want to contribute to more knowledge and awareness about this subject. We want the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives to be reflected in the workforce of our organization and that of our clients.

Diversity works, but to achieve it you have to keep working at it. Timo de Regt

Internal and external activities

Diversity Day

PDZ is an annual participant in Diversity Day. On that day we organize various activities for our employees, from an internal challenge to an inspiration session, to raise awareness.

Diversity Talks

We believe it is important to inspire and strengthen employers in the field of diversity & inclusion, which is why we organize round table sessions with guest speakers in which they discuss this theme.

Guest lectures in schools

Based on our social involvement in the region, PDZ Uitzendbureau offers guest lessons at schools. During the guest lecture, our consultants take the students along on the theme of diversity and inclusion.

Our policy

Not only around Diversity Day, but at all times, diversity and inclusion are important themes at PDZ Uitzendbureau. For example, every employee signs an anti-discrimination statement during the first working week. This emphasizes: “no is okay”. Saying no to discriminatory requests is the norm and our consultants are supported in this by the management. In the introduction program our consultants also receive training on this theme. PDZ Uitzendbureau/STAN Partners is also a member of a advisory board within the ABU to make members and employers aware of this social problem and to draw up policy to combat discrimination.