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At Maza I work in a pleasant team and I am happy with my colleagues!

Romeo, inpakmedewerker

About Maza

  • Type of business
    Food producer of, among other things, hummus
  • Number of employees
    120 employees
  • Location

Why work at Maza?

  • Good conditions
    Shift work with allowances
  • Work on your future
    Possibilities of a permanent contract
  • Develop yourself
    Various courses and training opportunities

Did you know..

  • All of Maza's products are vegetarian and most are also vegan. In addition, all products are halal and most are also kosher.
  • Our colleague Dirk works on location at Maza? So he is always available for you!
  • Maza became part of the family business of Hansel Salades about 20 years ago.
  • You can follow various training and courses to become even better at your job. Think of a training to Operator, here you learn all the skills to independently lead the packaging lines. Or learn how to make traditional hummus during a course developed by Maza and PDZ!

About Maza

Maza is one of the largest hummus producers in Europe and you can find their products in almost all Dutch supermarkets. They also produce salads, sauces and Mediterranean specialties. The family business exists for over 40 years and is located in Zaandam where approximately 120 people are employed. Maza supplies products to retailers, wholesalers, caterers and the industry (meal and sandwich producers and meal box suppliers)

Maza is part of Hansel, which makes artisanal products such as scoop salads (based on meat, fish, poultry, egg/cheese or vegetables), meal salads and sauces. They use quality ingredients, honest and pure products, authentic recipes and constant innovation.

Taste the delicacies
Maza is also located in the Foodhallen in Amsterdam and in the shopping center in Amstelveen. Here the falafel and hummus are transformed into a delicious (lunch) dish. Here too you can shine on the work floor! There is also a Maza food truck where you can taste all the delicacies they produce. You can find them at various festivals and events.


PDZ has vacancies at Maza on an ongoing basis. Below you will find the current vacancies. No (suitable) vacancy right now? Make use of our open registration and plan your introductory interview with the employees at PDZ Uitzendbureau immediately.

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