FAQ - Register a vacancy

Do you want to know how to register a vacancy as an employer and what to expect next? You can read it here.

If I register a vacancy, am I stuck with anything?

No, we will first contact you by telephone to discuss the vacancy. On the basis of this conversation we will present you with a suitable offer. Our paid services only start when we have found a suitable candidate for your company and he/she has started working

How can I register a vacancy?

You can register your vacancy by phone or email at the nearest PDZ location.

How long does it take to hire a candidate?

For the most common job vacancies, we ensure that our talent pools are always filled with qualified candidates. That way we can quickly make a match for your company. For more challenging profiles or large-scale assignments we use external databases and sourcing. You decide which candidates you want to speak to and when. Have you had a good conversation? Then you can immediately hire a candidate. We remain involved throughout the process to ensure that it runs smoothly and quickly.

What can I expect after I register?

Step 1. Report your vacancy to us by phone or email through the nearest PDZ office. Step 2. Within 24 hours we will contact you to discuss the vacancy. What are your wishes and questions? We will present a suitable offer on the basis of this conversation. Step 3. From our talent pools we match qualified candidates to your vacancy. For vacancies with a more challenging profile we also use external databases or sourcing. We speak to all candidates personally, so that we can make the best match for your company. Step 4. Based on our proposal, you decide which candidates you want to speak to and when. Of course you can also hire a candidate right away! Step 5. Have you found the right candidate for your vacancy? Fill in the final details and we will make sure everything will be in order. Then the employee can start and your vacancy is filled!