Anti-discrimination statement

We say NO to discrimination!

STAN Partners and all operating companies that fall under it strive for equal opportunities for everyone. We are committed to diversity and equal treatment. We therefore do not participate in discriminatory requests. Diversity in the workplace means a better reflection of society: more differences in nationality, age, gender, religion and sexual orientation. But also differences in work experience, knowledge, skills and cultural background. This also includes people with an occupational disability or condition. We believe in the power of a diverse personnel policy and that this leads to a better functioning labor market. That is why we do not support discrimination.

STAN Partners' anti-discrimination statement:

  • We encourage diversity in the workplace both internally and with our clients;
  • We do not respond to discriminatory requests from clients;
  • We guide and give clear instructions to our employees on how to enter into a dialogue when confronted with a discriminatory request;
  • Keep the topic of discrimination alive within the organization through training and the internal discrimination hotline.

Thus agreed on Wednesday, September 5, 2018;

Timo de Regt
General manager