Spontane mailtjes van een kandidaat met een lofzang over onze dienstverlening maken ons echte super trots! Ioan bood spontaan aan dat we zijn review met jullie mochten delen op onze website dus bij deze! 

"I worked for PDZ and I can say that I had many joys. I searched for a permanent job and found it in a very short time. Besides the fact that the staff that helped me with the employment, I had information that simulated me to focus on the long term."

"The PDZ team is made up of people who know how to work with any kind of character, they can help you in finding a job based on your desires and skills. If you are a serious and hard-working person, your income may increase depending on the time you work and the effort you make. It's great to be stimulated and to get help from your employee. It is good to work with people who are trained and can be called professionals."
PDZ means seriousness, professionalism, transparency, integrity and an important thing they offer is the effort that they make for you to find a place to work with pleasure."I recommend PDZ for any type of person, of any age and with or without experience. It is a place where you can find support to find a job you want."

Ioan-Adrian Menchiu 02.03.2020
PDZ Amsterdam Noord

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